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F.T.S., n.v. is a european company located in Belgium. Our main activity is buying surplus stock from governments all over the world. Our compnay is specialized in spareparts and assemblies for armoured vehicles as well as in complete tracked vehicles and cargo trucks. At the moment our warehouses cover an area of over 25.000m? We have customers all over the world in the military as well as in the industrial and civilian markets.

We can offer our clients parts and assemblies of american armoured vehicles for models like M60, M48, M113-family, M109 but we also have parts for the german Leopard vehicle and the French AMX. As for the complete vehicles, we hold stock of French cargo Trucks Renault TRM10000 and TRM2000, ? Amphibious vehicle LARCXV, armoured vehicles M113.

This internetsite will give you a short introduction to our firm and our products. If you require more information or if you have a specific requirement for an item, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you in advance for your interest in our company.

All import and export of defence related products are subject to exportlicence.

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